Independent Living

What is Independent Living?

Independent living is a perfect option for seniors who enjoy an active, fulfilling life. Abbington Senior Living offers weekly housekeeping, activities, transportation, and a wide variety of delicious and healthy meals. Living here allows you to add additional assisted services as they are needed.

The wonderful care my mom has had at the Abbington has been on my mind a lot lately. Mom moved from Portland to Mapleton 3 years ago. We looked at other facilities of course, but when we went to the Abbington things clicked right away. We loved the facility and the setting, right at the base of the mountains. Incredible views in an incredible setting. We really liked the creative activities and range of fun things the residents could do. But with my Mom’s declining health we came to understand the real beauty and the most important component of the Abbington experience: the caretakers and staff who care for the residents. Each and every one of them make each resident feel special and part of the Abbington family. Residents are greeted by name in the halls and in the dining room, every time. I have been to dozens of meals with my mom and have always seen patience and respect as my mom, afflicted by strokes, tried to make her preferences known. Typically the staff know her so well, they already know what she wants, but they never rush her or finish her sentences. The last year my mom has had some tough health challenges to deal with, challenges that increased the level of care she needed from Abbington caregivers. They met mom’s needs every time. As a nurse myself, I came to appreciate the innovative and effective care the team provided for my mom. Sadly, her final chapter came to a close last week and I was profoundly touched to see the love and affection shown by the caregivers. There is no mountain setting or beautiful view that is more profound than genuinely caring and patient care givers. They are the real beauty of the Abbington. Our family will be eternally grateful for the Abbington family and for the grace and dignity they assured for my mom when she needed them the most.

Gordon Eddington

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