Words cannot express the appreciation that I have for the staff and residents at Abbington Senior Living in Mapleton. They made my Father in Law’s final three years enjoyable and pleasant! The entire staff knew his name, his likes and dislikes, his hobbies, and our family. I always felt so good knowing he was participating in great activities, eating wonderful meals, and living as independently as he could. I loved how his level of care progressed with his needs. I truly believe living at the Abbington extended his life and made his final years a blessing. Thank you Abbington!!!!!


What a fabulous place for our Mom to be. It was an easy move in, everyone has been sweet, kind and caring. There’s many social activites to keep Mom from being bored. The staff is very personable, and the dining is like being at a restaurant. They make the meals so fun and inviting. Abbington is clean and decorated nicely. I’m happy Mom call the place home!!


Dear Everyone associated with Abbington,

There are somethings in life that money cannot buy, such as love, friendship, genuine respectful treatment, and so on. The Family of Lila thanks you that we “got our money’s worth” and we received a fullness of the things of your hearts and souls, i.e. the things money cannot buy. That has made all the difference. That has made the service genuine. It takes the loneliness out of living in a care center because the other residents and those providing service and care feel real love and real friendship; a real sense of family. They mourn your passing. You cannot buy those things with money. You are among the best of the best people on this earth “and the angels in Heaven”. May you each be blessed for the regular daily habit of kindness shown to Lila and to one another. We love and adore you for it. Thank you! Lila’s Family.

Lila’s Family

The wonderful care my mom has had at the Abbington has been on my mind a lot lately. Mom moved from Portland to Mapleton 3 years ago. We looked at other facilities of course, but when we went to the Abbington things clicked right away. We loved the facility and the setting, right at the base of the mountains. Incredible views in an incredible setting. We really liked the creative activities and range of fun things the residents could do. But with my Mom’s declining health we came to understand the real beauty and the most important component of the Abbington experience: the caretakers and staff who care for the residents. Each and every one of them make each resident feel special and part of the Abbington family. Residents are greeted by name in the halls and in the dining room, every time. I have been to dozens of meals with my mom and have always seen patience and respect as my mom, afflicted by strokes, tried to make her preferences known. Typically the staff know her so well, they already know what she wants, but they never rush her or finish her sentences. The last year my mom has had some tough health challenges to deal with, challenges that increased the level of care she needed from Abbington caregivers. They met mom’s needs every time. As a nurse myself, I came to appreciate the innovative and effective care the team provided for my mom. Sadly, her final chapter came to a close last week and I was profoundly touched to see the love and affection shown by the caregivers. There is no mountain setting or beautiful view that is more profound than genuinely caring and patient care givers. They are the real beauty of the Abbington. Our family will be eternally grateful for the Abbington family and for the grace and dignity they assured for my mom when she needed them the most.

Gordon Eddington

Placing Eileen in a home was the most complicated decision our family has ever had to make. After a few weeks of being place in the facility, we came to the conclusion that we had placed her with compassionate, caring individuals. Did we make the right choice? Yes, we did. We miss Eileen so much (We have actually missed her the last five years due to her dementia.) She had always been a big part of our lives. We were so lucky to have found all of you! She grew to love all of you who took care of her. She may not have shown it, but she did love each and every one of you. You were all her family, too. Our family thanks all of you for helping her through all those endless days of attitude problems and struggles. Helping her take a bath, get dressed, eat, and just care for herself. We are so grateful for the welcoming touch of the hugs, giving her a smile, and extra cookie, just letting her know you care. Thank you, Sarah, for being there for her in her last moments. We did not want her to be alone. This was a struggle for our family to let her go. I know she is happy again. Getting to see her daughter, Jolene, and husband, Ren. We love and appreciate all of you. Your kindness has not gone unnoticed. I will miss my calls each day checking on her, and talking to all of you. You all put sunshine into her life. Your thoughtfulness will long be remembered. Thank you for your strength and support given to our family. Love to all of you extraordinary women!!

The Meyers Family Rick, Diana, Jason, Kim, Kobi and Teegan

I would like to thank everyone from Abbington Manor for the kind and tender treatment that was given to my mother during the last partof her life. Every person that I worked with was wonderful. I would especially like to thank Meagan and her team for their constant support. Tina was also especially helpful to me. I am very grateful to the young man who was with my mother when she passed. It gives me comfort to know that she was not alone.

Bryce & Kate Anderson

Thank you and your staff so very much for the love and support you gave my mother. She had made, they had shared, then they were gone, so many good friends, but you as the staff were there for her always. I know, and you know, she was not always the easiest person to work with, but she was wonderful never the less. Her last couple of months were really hard, but you were always there to help when needed. You will be blessed for what you do to comfort those in need.


Thanks for all you do! It’s nice to see dad so happy and healthy. He hasn’t been this healthy in about two years. I love that he is checked on often and not left out of the activities if he forgets. You have even made him a special card with meal times so he won’t forget those. It makes my heart happy and I know he’s safe and taken care of.

Christy Cannon

I appreciate the care you gave my mom…she was treated with respect and kindness. I know she was happy there.

Shauna P.