Financial Options

Can You Afford Senior Living?

When compared to the cost of maintaining and living in your own home, assisted living can be very affordable. When factors such as utilities, lawn care, home healthcare, nurse’s aides, etc. are factored into the equation, assisted living may actually be less expensive than staying in a private residence. Prices vary from community to community and depend on the level of care needed by each resident as well as the type of apartment rented. Please contact the community marketing director for pricing information. For a simple way to compare the costs of retirement living to staying in your own home, download the Cost Comparison Worksheet provided here.

Payment Assistance

There are several options that can assist in paying for the costs of the services at the community. Here are a few options to look into. We have provided some links for your convenience. If you have additional questions on payment options, please contact 435-657-8888.

Among with these payment options is a loan program that is being offered to help keep the costs low and make payments over a longer period of time. You can find out in 10 minutes or less if you qualify for a loan from $1,000 to $100,000 by clicking on the following link.

Prosper Health

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