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It’s a life changing decision to move from your personal home to Assisted Living.  It can be accompanied with fear and uncertainty. But transitioning to The Abbington has been a magnificent experience for my mother. She was greeted with gorgeous surroundings and accommodations, however, the heart of The Abbington is the phenomenal personnel they employ.  Whether its her personal caregiver, the activities director, the housekeeper, the receptionist, the dining staff or the maintenance staff, each employee treats my mother as if their own.  I never have a worry about her wants because they have already anticipated them and put into action what she needs.  Mother is treated with great dignity, kindness, and compassion.  Mother is home at The Abbington. 



What a fabulous place for our Mom to be. It was an easy move in, everyone has been sweet, kind and caring. There's many social activites to keep Mom from being bored. The staff is very personable, and the dining is like being at a restaurant. They make the meals so fun and inviting. Abbington is clean and decorated nicely. I'm happy Mom call the place home!!



There are somethings in life that money cannot buy, such as love, friendship, genuine respectful treatment, and so on. The Family of Lila thanks you that we “got our money’s worth” and we received a fullness of the things of your hearts and souls, i.e. the things money cannot buy. That has made all the difference. That has made the service genuine. It takes the loneliness out of living in a care center because the other residents and those providing service and care feel real love and real friendship; a real sense of family. They mourn your passing. You cannot buy those things with money. You are among the best of the best people on this earth “and the angels in Heaven”. May you each be blessed for the regular daily habit of kindness shown to Lila and to one another. We love and adore you for it. Thank you! 

Lila's Family


I appreciate the care you gave my mom…she was treated with respect and kindness. I know she was happy there.

Shauna P.