Assisted Living

What is Assisted Living?

Abbington Senior Living provides assisted services to those seniors who value their independence but need help with some daily activities, such as bathing, dressing, and/or medication management. The actual level of care will depend on the amount of time provided in the service plan for each resident.  Our staff has been trained to help create an individual plan that will help seniors with their unique needs.

Words cannot express the appreciation that I have for the staff and residents at Abbington Senior Living in Mapleton. They made my Father in Law’s final three years enjoyable and pleasant! The entire staff knew his name, his likes and dislikes, his hobbies, and our family. I always felt so good knowing he was participating in great activities, eating wonderful meals, and living as independently as he could. I loved how his level of care progressed with his needs. I truly believe living at the Abbington extended his life and made his final years a blessing. Thank you Abbington!!!!!


What is Available with Assisted Living?

  • Care Level A

    • For residents who require little assistance— but much peace of mind.
    • Includes Medication Management and Safety Checks
  • Care Level B

    • For residents who need greater assistance with personal care
    • Includes Care Level A PLUS Behavior Monitoring as needed
  • Care Level C

    • For residents who require extensive help with personal care
    • Includes Care Level A & B PLUS Behavior Management and help with cogintive impairments
  • Memory Care

    • For residents with security needs

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